After a full day of softly falling snow, my husband and I decided to go for an after-dinner walk. The streets were silent and the sidewalks full of snow. We chose the street as there were no cars, but we could not stop taking photos. The soft wet snow was thick on the neighbourhood trees. We were delighted with our decision to get out and enjoy.

snowy eveningThis is a house just around the corner from us.

And here is my favourite:

So our decision to walk out in the snow paid off well. I got to thinking how many decisions we have to make in our lives and, of course, that led me to thinking about my writing and my latest book. The title of this post is from The Man Behind the Marathons full of several people who made good and not-so-good decisions. Terry Fox is well known for the Marathon of Hope and his decision to seek the support of the Canadian Cancer Society led him to find then Canadian Special Events Chair for that organization, Ron Calhoun. The rest is history.

Back to my newest book. In March (newly announced COVID-19 restrictions) I wondered how I might keep my spirits up and feel productive without the busy social and speaking life I usually lead. “Why not write a prequel to the Loyalist Trilogy?” my daughter asked. Aha! My eyes popped open as I stared back at her FaceTime face. I started researching immediately. Well, I did finish my FaceTime with her first, but I was soon off and running.

And now it’s late November of this difficult year and I’m smiling. The prequel is finished–The Loyalist’s Daughter–and it’s launching very soon. As I wrote in my newsletter, it’s going to be in print, Kobo, Kindle and, eventually, on Audible as an audio book. Here is the synopsis already on Goodreads.

The book is meant to be a bit of a teaser to tell those readers who have already read the trilogy about Lucy’s back story–pretty interesting–and to introduce new readers to the four books.

My decision has led to me to launching this shorter book in the next days and weeks. As I write this, my interior designer is finishing off her part in the process, I have part of the Amazon form done for the print version–just waiting for the full cover to be completed–and I’m counting the days until I’ll have the other versions.

Here is the launch schedule I posted in my last newsletter, as far as I know it now. Updates are coming as I know them:

Dec. 1, 2020: This newsletter is about The Loyalist’s Daughter and includes a clip from that book. It also includes another announcement about the Soft Launch on Dec. 3.

Dec. 3, 2020: Soft Launch Party on Facebook. Come and join us. 7:00 -7:45 pm on Facebook. Shoot me an email if you don’t know how to find me there. Pre-orders will be taken there. Also some of the stories of how this book came about.

Dec. 15, 2020: Book Launch. I am planning porch pick-ups today between 1 and 4 pm EST. Contact me for details. Those that are far away will be able to order on Amazon. I will have print, Kindle, Kobo and eventually Audible but not sure how soon that last one will be.

Now you have a decision to make!

Email me. I’m working this out as I go along!

Click to purchase on Amazon. Or contact me to purchase a signed copy for porch pickup.