Enough cake for all 125 book launch attendees

While it may seem strange for an author to write about her own book here, this book deserves my words. Yes, I wrote The Man Behind the Marathons. And I’m so glad I did. Ron Calhoun’s singular life as a volunteer is a story that needs to be told. The book starts with four chapters about the incomparable Terry Fox and Ron’s work behind the scenes to make the Marathon of Hope successful. Next is a section of the other four marathon events he masterminded for Steve Fonyo, Ken McColm and John and Jesse Davidson. Each of those is a story in itself, with both the good and the bad and how Ron Calhoun dealt with it all. The final section of the book outlines Ron’s life and suggests how his upbringing made him the man he became who could make such a difference to so many people. His life has been a Marathon of Hope. (He coined that phrase for the Terry Fox marathon way back in 1980.) This book, written about some of Canada’s heroes, shows that the man behind all those athletes attempting the impossible and mostly succeeding is one of Canada’s and the world’s outstanding heroes.

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