This site is devoted to The Man Behind the Marathons: How Dr. Ron Calhoun Helped Terry Fox and Other Heroes Make Millions for Charity, the story of several people who were miraculous. It is also the story of one man. The miraculous man behind those people.

Have you ever looked at a new baby’s soft skin–her long lashes, his chubby fists–and wondered what life is waiting for that child to grow into? Sure you have. We all have, whether the child is our own or that of someone close.

This book is the story of one such child.

It is the story of a man with a lifelong yearning to make a difference. Ron Calhoun has spent his life taking whatever has come at him and answering back, “Well, that’s a challenge!” This is a creative non-fiction work dedicated to telling his incredible story with the hope it will encourage all of us to try harder to make our own “Marathon of Hope” happen.

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