Comments re The Man Behind the Marathons

"What a remarkable book!  I just finished yesterday….It is one of those books that, at the end of each chapter, the urge is to 'just read one more chapter' before turning out the light….I had no idea what is involved in organizing such a fund raising venture and ventures across Canada and you explained it so well….[This] book that you wrote on his life and huge contributions needed to be written….Thanks for putting your writing skills to work into the life of Ron Calhoun." John Snoddy

What an astonishing and fascinating book! Every Canadian knows about Terry Fox and his incredible legacy - but few people are aware of the man behind this. Ms. Cougler does a wonderful job in making this a page turner - such fascinating details. I highly recommend reading this book - a great read for a school project or book club. Lisa Hutchison on Goodreads

"Having read Ms Cougler's historical fiction, I looked forward to her first non-fiction effort and The Man Behind the Marathons did not disappoint. Great for a leisurely read and as well written as Ms Cougler's earlier books. Fascinating insights into the life of Terry Fox and the equally amazing later marathoners but the final marathon is the remarkable life and legacy of Ron Calhoun, the man behind the success of the marathons." Wayne Caslick

"I loved the book. [The Man Behind the Marathons] So glad for the way you set it up. It kept me reading. And then the section on Ron came just as I was about headed to Google to see what led Ron to be the guy he was. The quality of the paper was a real asset. Top quality for a top quality story about a top quality guy. Congratulations. I felt your heart in every page. Thanks for letting me have an early look at the book. Very cherished.” Sue Hilborn

The Man Behind the Marathons is the remarkable story of what one person can achieve as a volunteer. Ron Calhoun is such a person. With Ron’s zest for innovative approaches and his superb and persuasive fundraising skills, tens of millions of dollars have been raised across Canada to fight cancer, muscular dystrophy, diabetes and other causes. Readers will be inspired by Ron’s life and by the incredible marathons of individuals such as Terry Fox, Steve Fonyo, Ken McColm, and John and Jesse Davidson. Their efforts have made our world a better place. ~~ M.K. Tod

In these pages Elaine Cougler's gifts as a storyteller are on full display as she takes us inside Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope and shines a light on the unsung hero who made it happen. ~ Terry Fallis, two-time winner of the Leacock Medal for Humour.